Monday, January 19, 2015

Anything Goes! It's a Week of Surprises

Friday night I came home to no internet.  I NEED my internet almost as much as I NEED electricity.  I called AT&T and the technician was very nice, but had to set up a service call.  I was going to be out of town at a card class on Saturday, but we set up the appointment anyway.  Long story short - the Saturday guy didn't fix anything.  The Monday Guy was AWESOME!!!!!  Then Saturday night our heat stopped working.  I must confess I knew there was an issue because sometimes the thermostat would say heat on, but there was no hot air coming out of the vent.  It was luke warm at best.  So I knew that one was coming.  Fortunately we have a gas fireplace in the basement and heat rises.  So the house was about the same temperature as normal, but we had to keep the gas fireplace on.  I've decided - I can live without heat, but not without the internet.  LOL  I do have my priorities.  The furnace guy came out and fixed my heating issue in about 10 minutes!  So I now have internet and heat!  Life is good.

And it's a special Monday.  It's Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday observed.  So Happy Birthday (actually on Thursday) to Martin Luther King Jr..  You made a true difference in this world.

So to start off the week Rita has provided us with some fun polar bear cards.  We made these in the class I went to on Saturday.  She has such a great imagination!

This is a slider card so the bear slides along the groove.  Adorable!!

Rita found an igloo cut file at the Silhouette store and used it to make this card.  The bear is colored with Copics on both cards.  The igloo has some copic highlights.

Such adorable cards.  I'm saving the Christmas one for Friday.  Rita has decided that we're going to make a Christmas card a month with the image she chooses - if possible.  That way December isn't quite so stressful.

The bear stamp is from High Hopes Rubber Stamps.  Doesn't get much cuter than that.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today.  I hope you've enjoyed today's cards.  Tune in tomorrow for some more Anything Goes!

Have a great day and where ever you are - be there.


Isaiah 26:9  My soul yearns for you in the night;  in the morning my spirit longs for you.  When your judgements come upon the earth, the people of the world learn righteousness.


  1. Glad your internet and heating got sorted.

    I love the cards:)

    Hope you have a good day. Sue

  2. Hello!

    What great cards - I love the slider! I am happy that you now have heat again and your internet. I am with you on the internet importance - without that I am dead in the water! Wishing you a happy day today!


    Barbara DIane