WOYWW - 190

Dear Blog,

Wednesday has snuck up once again.  If you want to know what all the fuss is about, hop on over to Julia's Blog  Stamping Ground and you can see crafter's work desks from around the world.

In my little corner of the world, my desk has only gotten more cluttered.  I guess that is a good sign.  I purchased some stamps from a friend who sells Stampin Up, but is getting rid of some of her older stamps.  I got Pick a Petal - I'm very excited.  I'm still working on my Project Life.  I've printed out most of the pictures - now I am just putting together the page with the journaling.

My kitty is in what seems to be everyone's favorite seat in the crafting area.  :-)


  1. ooh I love your photos and workspace..so much to see - love it. Lovely kitty too. Thanks for sharing. Looking for tables at present and yours looks great, are they sturdy enough not too wobble when stamping? Happy WOYWW... Gill x (#97)

  2. So much to see! Love your pussycat- tabbies are so beautiful.Have a great week, Hugs Shaz xx #73

  3. Oh my, please may I come and live with you? What a stunning craft room. I am uber jealous! And you have a friend getting rid of SU stamps? You must be the luckiest person I have found today

    Take care

    Jakix #90

  4. Holy paper explosion Batman! Fab desk and I am actually still catching up on LAST week's that I missed. Glad I got to see this as well.

    Happy (late) WOYWW

    MA (11 this week!)

  5. You have a very colorful work area which must get you jazzed about creating all the time. I have 2 cats that like to get in our office chair, even if you get up for like 10 seconds you have to check before sitting back down. Those silly cats. Happy WOYWW! LisaDV #116

  6. Such stash. Lovely. So much inspiration. Pretty cat too.
    Alison #100

  7. You have so much for us to look at how exciting, and lucky you getting some new stamps
    Ria #92

  8. I love your pegboard and how much table space you have. :-) You're lucky your cat only takes your chair, mine thinks that he should use my laptop as a warming station.
    HeatherM #144

  9. It is true what they say
    If you want the best seat in the house MOVE THE CAT
    My cat has a bed in almost every room, she even takes up half of my bed. Would i have it any other way?? not on your life...she wouldn't allow it.
    In total envy of your craft area, so many wonderful toys to play with in the grown ups playground.
    I am a long time follower of Stampin up..I think it is the co ordination i like..
    Nelle xx #89

  10. Thanks for stopping by, in reality it looks like my area...the cat and all, only I have 2 brothers who love to see what kind of mess I am creating each day. And sometimes I think they laugh and say to each other, here she goes again. Happy WOYWW and happy creating.

  11. Now that's the kind of craft space that I dream about! How wonderful - loving your tri-pod too and of course the lovely cat....... Happy WOYWW, Anne x #57

  12. Girl, no wonder you can't find what's under your nose! Holy Moly, call the Craft Police! Where are you, April? I'm coming over for an intervention!! Darnell

  13. I love your desk and all it's crafty mess but it's creative and organised too! You'll love CJS when you get to look at the videos. Some are good some are fantastic so get watching and you'll soon be creating too!
    Jo x

  14. Lovely and colourful working space - and a sweet assistant :D
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tuire #7

  15. Lucky you getting some Stampin Up stash, love their stuff.
    You always make me smile with that fantastic wallpaper when I pop by and this week I've spotted your bin, you must be permanently on holiday when you craft..perfect!! Love it.
    Thanks for visiting already and your lovely comments.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #60

  16. Hi April,
    You certainly have a lot of desk space there and if it were mine, it would be full too! Very interesting to look around thanks, and of course, I do like your brown tabby cat who is very like my Pumpkin.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.
    Ros. #3

  17. It looks like Jinx my lodger cat has snuck into your crafy room too! Like the little red hatted snowman,
    Thanks for my snoop! HapPy very late WoYwW!
    ((Lyn) #83

  18. Love all that exciting stuff you have everywhere. I get company too, sometimes - big dog likes to sit under my feet, in the hope that I might drop him a tiny treat once in a while. Nice when it is cold as I then have warm feet. Have a great week. xx Maggie #20

  19. My word, you space is looking welcoming and productive. I think I would be very inspired by all the colour in your room, love it.

  20. Hullo there April,
    Well first time able to get in here and do some blog hopping!
    Some lovely work going on here, some yummy stash, and sweet pussy too!
    Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #58

  21. I LOVE your crafting setup, and it's so nice of you to have a chair JUST for the kitty! lol Thanks for stopping by my blog, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  22. Hi April, wow theres lots going on in here. What a lovely bright colourful craft room you have. Thank you for stopping by my desk too. Hugs Mo x

  23. Love to see how you get on with your project life
    I have that Stampin up set its really nice

  24. Your work space is looking very busy this week April.
    Your Project Life sounds very interesting and I look forward to seeing how it progresses over the weeks to come.

    Glad to see your seat is being kept warm by your furry friend. I have one of those too but he prefers to be on the table, right where I’m trying to work…….don’t you just love em!

    Thanks for stopping by this week.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ 111

  25. I love your workspace. It's so colourful and inviting. I'd love to come by and play.

    Thank you for visiting. I'm fighting the tidy virus, but I fear I may lose again this week.
    Cheers, Rachel

  26. I love how colorful your crafting space is! Its so bright! It looks like you like to work like I do, by rolling around and having most things at eye level...but I can only wish I had as much working surface as you've got! That is really nice to have all that, huh? :) Thanks for stopping by my desk and leaving me a comment already, Deeyll #161 :)

  27. Congrats on getting some stamps that you are excited about. I'm not familiar with Stampin Up's sets, so Googled the name of your set that you were excited about -- it looks really versatile! Thanks for stopping over to visit. ~ Laura

  28. Hi April!!
    Thanks for visiting me!! Sorry I'm late~~
    Your space looks awesome, as does your cat!!
    I always answer the blog comments, and I am so embarrassed that it took me 2 days to get to you!
    I'm not sure what "spongie" things you were talking about that were on my desk last week. If you can give me a bit more info I'd be glad to tell you!!

  29. Hi April--
    Thanks for dropping by my blog - loved the comment about the colors of the Caribbean...just what I was thinking about!
    Your room is FAB....what amazing colors and all the table space!! So many items I recognize, but love the way everything seems to be right there..including the kitty. My guy, Ben, always comes to visit at just the moment I have ink or paint all over my fingers.
    Almost time for a new week...hope this past week has had lots of time for play!!
    sara #23

  30. Hi April - your desk, and room, is amazing - so much stuff to peek at! Thanks for dropping by mine this morning - the sketch that was on my desk last week is one that was drawn by a crafter who is a member of a Yahoo group I'm part of. If you would like a copy of the sketch, I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I sent it along to you with her details - just drop me a line and I'll be happy to do that. Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth #71 on this week's (191) list :)

  31. Hi April, and thanks so much for saying I looked pretty organized. Oh ho ho ho...so NOT! But then I poked in to your space, and let me say, once again, I felt right at home! I guess I'm a person who can't work in 'neat' (but I'd LIKE to be). I visited a friend who kept talking about her messy craft room. I coaxed her into letting me step to the door (we didn't go inside, mind you!), and then I said "Ok, NOW you can see MY space". We're birds of a feather, my friend & I. Your space is decorated so pretty, love the wallpaper. And truly, teasing aside, you have a most organized area...I can see what you're working on. Doesn't appear that you have 'things' hidden under 'other things'. So thanks for the visit, your kind words, and allowing me to see your space and think "Oh I could work THERE". Hugs.


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