Project Life - Week 1

Dear Blog,

I've finished my first Project Life Layout for week1.  I actually started Christmas week since I knew I would have plenty to journal about and pictures to use.

Here is Page 1 (sorry for the poor photography - taking pictures of plastic in the basement is hard)
The top picture was coming out of the pocket, but I didn't realize that until I was editing the picture.  I think you get the idea though.
Here is page 2:

This is my favorite picture from Christmas.  We have a second year tradition of posing with everyone in front of the tree.  I just love this picture.
 Here is just a little detail.  I am not getting really fancy as I am just starting out.  I'm using Project Life as a synopsis of the events of the year.  I still plan on scrapbooking what we do in more detail.  This will be like the table of contents.  :-)

I'm working on some cards - and I still have week 2.  And oh crap!  Week 3.


  1. Awesome job April! I thought about doing project life but I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet. I was so proud of myself for finishing my December Daily. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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