WOYWW 194 - I've Rearranged

Once again it is Wednesday and time to share my workspace.  And if you would like to see all the amazing work spaces from around the world go to Julia's blog, The Stamping Ground

Here is my rearranged work space.  I've just moved some things around and put a longer table in for my Project Life and scrapbooking.  I also moved the cart that has my Cricut machines to a better location - close to my pc so I can use Cricut Craftroom.

I did some cleaning when I rearranged - so not a whole lot of clutter today.  :-(  But don't worry - I will clutter it right back up this weekend.

Have a great day and be inspired.


  1. Hello April,

    First, I love your craft room. So pretty and the vibrant colors make me happy.

    Perhaps I need a table dedicated to Project life that might help me keep up for I am already behind (ahhh...)

    Can I ask you the name of that camera stand and how you like it. I need something like that because I am just starting to make videos to put on Youtube. I welcome advice.

    Have a blessed day!
    Belinda (66)

  2. Beautiful work space, so happy and bright x
    Happy WOYWW Heather #72

  3. You space is wonderful and I like your nice big window! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #113

  4. Love your workspace and thats a great table (I have table envy now LOL)..Happy WOYWW Gill x #103

  5. Lovely space - you get right in there and mess it up. Sorry didn't get back to visit you last week. Thanks for your lovely comments

  6. What a wonderful bright and spacious work area. x


  7. this is SOME workspace!! i am not envious at all - no, i'm not, honestly, i am not *grin*
    thanks for sharing :)
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 30

  8. Hi April, Its great to have a change around isnt it it makes you feel happy and inspired that you are tidy and organised, at least for a day or two! Hugs Mo x

  9. Stunning work space, to be surrounded by colour must inspire you
    Happy woyww
    Antonia #132

  10. awesome work area! So inspiring :)

  11. What a fab workplace. Love the bright colours. Look forward to visiting you again. Happy WOYWW MM x #108

  12. Having your computer beside the Cricut is the perfect way to best utilize the Cricut Craft Room, I have to lug my lap top acroass the room everytime! I wish I had the space to set t up like you have it! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  13. looks like you have done a real good job there I hope your crafting space works for you and gives you hours of happy crafting
    Wishing you a really great WOYWW
    Ria #73

  14. Nicely rearranged! Have fun making it messy. :) Have a great week. Happy WOYWW! Nan 7

  15. Your room is so bright and happy. I love the ocean scenes. It's so tidy, I just wish I could be half that neat, just for 5 minutes even :)
    Have a great day.
    Von #62

  16. Hi again April....Thanks for visiting my empty workdesk!!!!! Off to France for a long weekend so had a tidy up before I went....Willbe back on the crafting next week though!
    Your Room s great a spacious and love the little unit you have your copics in,very handy.
    Have a great week
    Julie(paperpathway)X 64

  17. Oh dear, cold knocked me for 6 again yesterday, then computer had a problem so DH had it all evening. Bet you love the re-org. Thanks for stopping by and Happy belated WOYWW BJ#4

  18. Oooh what a lovely workspace you have there - I love those bright curtains. Thanks for visiting me last week - I havent joined in this week its all too much with the children off on half term - am having to entertain them on the xbox!

  19. Hi April,

    Yep, I love the colors in your craft room! Having a large table in the middle of the room is an ideal craft room.... oh, but I'm stuck working on my dining room table as I don't have a craft room (some day).

    Thank you for visiting me already!!!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay #2

  20. I like that new room LO with the long table April, looks like you've got loads of space now. I love making Christmas cards, they're my favourite things to make, so it's no chore to make them year round! Gets a bit hard in the heat of the summer though!

    Brenda 114

  21. Your crafty room is so bright and cheerful! You will love your rearrangement! Happy WOYWW!

  22. It's such a great feeling though, isn't it? Organized AND clean = heavenly. Good job, April! You have a craft mega space!!

    Thanks for coming by to visit me earlier and have a wonderful week! Darnell #48

  23. Wow, look at your all organised, it's lovely and colourful and jolly as well, I should imagine it's a great place to craft. Thanks for stopping by to my blog.

    Karen #173

  24. Thanks for stopping by..you hit the nail on the head! I guess the challenge is rearranging..I had fun yesterday and accomplished alot. Now to sort the big cupboard. Have an idea for scraps. I need to use them. Always love the bright colors you have and the natural light. Have fun..we have lots of snow to deal with today. too dark yet to see how much but it is out there!~!~Enjoy your weekend

  25. Hi April, seems a while since I visited you, sorry.
    Great to see those views of your craft room. Lovely area to work in and you have a table - you are so lucky. Wish I could fit one in my tiny space.
    Thanks for visiting me
    Hugs, Neet xx

  26. I love your bright colorful walls! Rearranging always puts me in the mood to start creating again!! The app I'm using to get more than one picture on a 4x6 photo sheet is called Photo Grid. It's free on the Android Market. I posted about it today on my blog. I print my photos on a Canon Selpy :)

  27. wow what a bright colourful workspace! I love it!

    Lauren x

  28. Look at all of that table space, and so neat too! I like the change in photo angles this week. I might try that next week too. ;-)

  29. your craft room is amazing, I love how you have all those different work surfaces how perfect!

  30. I need to rearrange mine but have not got to it yet :) You inspire me to get busy!!

  31. thanks for popping by earlier. Love your crafty area. Have a cricut too but not used craftroom, must have a look at it.
    happy woyww
    caroline #168


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