WOYWW 196 - A New Treasure

What is on my work desk this Wednesday is a new treasure.  I've seen them on other work desks and thought what a great idea.  I knew my Mom had one and since she doesn't throw anything away - I asked her if she still had it and if she did - could I have it?  She still had it and now it has been passed down to me.

But before I reveal my new heirloom - if you want to see other work desks from around the world and spend the next week perusing awesome blogs and getting wonderful ideas go here Stamping Ground
where Julia is having a big snoop party.

Here is my new treasure.  This is the manual typewriter that I first typed on.  And that I used even while I was taking typing at school on an electric typewriter.  Mom said she thinks she paid $25.00 for it and that she had to work about 100 hours to pay for it.  It is 'portable' and I have the case and the original documentation that came with it.  I just LOVE it.  :-)

   Have a great day, enjoy your treasures and be inspired.


  1. You lucky girl - you're going to be able to do great journaling now. Love your little library drawers too. Mm x #99

  2. Your work desk is bright happy and full of fun!! It is great to get your Mum's old typewriter, they are great to use...I learnt to type on one! (Hmmm that might give my age away lol!) Looking at your desk always makes me smile :-). Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #47

  3. Oh wow! I've just managed to get hold of a vintage typewriter, but paid a bit more than $25 for it, so lucky you! I'm just waiting for a new ribbon and I'll be away. Will have to post pics soon. Funny how these are in demand now ... Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz at 147 x

  4. You have such a lovely bright work space! Lucky you with the typewriter! I'm sure my Mum has my old manual one in her attic somewhere - must investigate! Happy WOYWW Kim #155

  5. How fun, April! I no longer have mine, but remember it well! Treasure it! Thank you for coming by the Playhouse earlier and for your sweet thoughts. I'll see you in a couple of weeks! Darnell #50

  6. Wow! I remember those! That is so cool, you're so lucky! Thanks for visiting me earlier. Happy WOYWW! Nan #3

  7. That typewriter is awesome! How lucky that your mom still had it!
    Your space looks great! It makes me wonder if I should get more tables. It would be a rather inexpensive way to surround my room with work stations.
    Have a great day,

  8. Oh you lucky girl, what a win getting that typewriter. I wasn't so lucky to have electric ones at school a fair bit after my school years LOL. Had them when I was working though.

    You really do have a great setup for a craft room and a window to look out as well. I so love my window.

    Happy Belated WOYWW

  9. Oh Gosh, that takes e back a while. I used to teach on similar machines, was thrilled when I upgraded from manuals - and then there were computers! Sorry, just memory lane - thanks for the smile on my face as I wandered it.
    Treasure that machine.
    Sorry I am late - been on a short break away. Hugs, Neet 36 xx

  10. Always love looking at your desk and today even more looking at your lovely typewriter - love it! Happy WOYWW Gill x #45

  11. I could spend ages looking through your top banner! and then (scroll down) I DID spend ages looking through your picture too! My friend has one of those little steps, but now can't remember how to close it up again! Mum had a type writer...when she got a computer she said, 'oh bother, I wanted to type up my notes, but I haven't got any paper..." yep she thought she HAD to have paper before she could use the computer....and if you think that was bad...she said, I've made a mistake, how can I tipex it out?
    and people think I'm a bit mad!
    Happy late woyww

  12. Typewriters are simple brilliant for journaling and labeling on all kinds of crafts. I love mine too. Thanks for sharing BJ#69

  13. ooooo April - what a score!! Manual typewriters...oh my. I learned how to type on one as well. I remember when electric typewriters started coming with removable font balls...you lifted them on and off and we thought we were in heaven. How fun your Mom still had this and you get to play; I'm with BJ above, they are GREAT for journaling, cards, and probably a million other things as well. I use an old courier font on my computer, but it definitely feels like I'm cheating. LOL. Can't wait to see how you use it. Have fun - see you next week.

  14. Happy Belated WOYWW. I am so jealous. I really want an old manual typewriter again (I am a big fan of typewriter fonts). Learnt on one very similar back in the 80s. Fab craft room. Ali x #22, with candy

  15. must be something in the air - i asked my dad to unearth my old typewriter the other week, and it still types really well after being in storage for 25 years! i posted here http://decide-what-you-want.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/woyww-195-something-old-something-new.html
    thanks for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment - it means a lot!
    happy belated WOYWW and have a wonderful week typing away :)

  16. that is a cool treasure indeed. I learnt on a manual typewriter at school so that would have been very modern for me. have fun

    Gill x

  17. Oh that's fabulous you are lucky. Love you craft space. Sorry to be so late. Anne x @65

  18. OH....love your little typewriter! I have one tucked away somewhere in its case...but not sure where. I should dig it out...but there is no more room left on my desk!!!

  19. your workdesk is one of the best. I see a tripod for taking photos. What an excellent idea - and now the retro machine!!!! Back to our sources ! I was lelarning on an old English one.....

  20. Seeing your typewriter brings back memories of my very first one.
    I was about six and had always wanted a portable typewriter. My brother used to work for the publishers Hodder and Stoughton in London and he was given one of those big old black ones for me, that took three people to lift,……hardly portable, Lol. It was well travelled though because it used to belong to an author (no idea who) and he took it all around the world with him. I did eventually get a portable one that looked a lot like yours actually.
    Enjoy your new…..or should that be ‘old’ toy.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @86

  21. Everytime I see your top banner I spend time there....I have a porkies yorkie....your is so cute and tiny.

    My husband and I, were just talking about our old Royal Typewriter up in the attic...that we needed to sell it...Imnever thought about using it to journal with. thank you for the idea!

    hugs, Robin

  22. Oooo Lucky Girl!! I often wish I had one for journalling on layouts, much less faffing than on the puter - environmentally friendly too with no need for a plug!!
    Love your little "helper" on your header!

  23. I love old typewriters! How old am I... I wrote some of my uni papers on a 'proper' typwriter! Thanks for visiting me, jenx

  24. LOL! Enjoy your new treasure!!! Those are actually worth quite a bit now. Lovely workroom too!

  25. Hi April, great workspace, so colourful.

    I learned to type back in the 70's on a huge old black typewriter, definitely NOT portable loL!! Enjoy your new treasure, and thanks for your visit

    Debs x

  26. Hi April, your desk certainly looks tidy this week! I really love your portable typewriter and it looks in exceptionally good condition! They sell for a lot of money these days, I saw a red one in a 'vintage' sale (lol) and it was £70 and did not look anywhere near as nice as yours.

    The fish isn't a real rainbow fish, just my interpretation of one, but I am thrilled to bits that you thought it might be! Hugs, Anne x


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