WOYWW 219 - The thinking chair

It is once again Wednesday and time to join Julia's Blog for WOYWW where crafters from around the world share their work areas.  So if you're interested in getting lots of great ideas and seeing some very crafty people go to Julia's Blog.

I have been rearranging my room to make space for my new 'thinking chair'.  My husband has been working out of town for a year and now that the job is complete (he is in construction - built a hydro dam on the Ohio River) - he ended up with all the furniture that was in the rental house his company rented.  So he is back home full time now.  (Do you see my deer in the headlight look?)  I did not realize that the chair I asked for was so big.  It is very comfortable.  I just need to keep moving things around until I get it to work.

Here is a picture of where it is now.

I like this location because if I decide I want to watch tv while I am contemplating my next big project - I can see the television.

A face only a mother could love.  LOL

 This is actually my desk.  Again it is quite tidy.  Scary, huh?
This is where I do my scrapbooking.  I am almost done with Disney.  Yay.  I will be moving on to Washington D.C. next.

I think there is a little discussion going on about who gets to lie on my keyboard.
And Pumpkin wanted her face time.  Here she is gnawing on the Grinch.

Have a great day and be inspired.  I will be visiting blog land later.



  1. Looks a very comfy 'thinking chair' though - well worth its size.

    Love Pumkin, we had a black labrador till earlier this year - we now have the yellow rescue nutter dog.

    Lynda #89

  2. Hi April, my hubby is also in construction, we were married 8 years before we'd actually lived together more than we lived apart! It is tough when they come back from a long stint on site but you'll soon adjust. Just make sure you get to spend some quality time in your craft room! Sending hugs and soothing thoughts. MMx #83

  3. now that's one comfy chair. My hubby is also in construction, we lived apart for almost a year. You craft room is fantastic. happy crafting #2

  4. What a lovely, lovely crafting room you have and the chair looks nice and comfy to relax in.

    Happy WOYWW. Susi #105

  5. I love the chair in the midst!
    i always visit my neighbors first!
    Thanks for the snoop
    robyn 121

  6. love the color on the walls, can't beat purple and a nice easy chair. don't have that much room in my studio.

  7. Love the comfy looking chair. If I had ROOM in here for a chair and a TV I would be in 7th heaven. I love your craft room and all the greta storage. Thanks for viviting Betsy this week
    Krisha #115

  8. That chair looks fab curl up and read a good book - or yeah watch TV... love your head on shot of cat - made me laugh out loud!! Have a great week - Happy WOYWW Mxx #70

  9. busy looking crafty room. I know the dilemma of the chair cause I have a futon I don't want to get rid of cause I use it as a spare bed when more then one spare room is needed. DH says just get rid of it but...can't I love it too much! Thanks for stopping by my desk! I goofed up and had the wrong blog URL on my linky originally was #107 now I am... Vickie #134

  10. Goodness - that looks like a very comfy piece !! I think I would get too used to living on my own LoL !!! :-)
    Thanks for letting me nosey around :-)

    Happy WOYWW
    IKE in Greece #99

  11. That looks like a great chair for snuggling in with a cat. Love your framelits all mounted on the wall for easy access. Thanks for stopping by xx

  12. Awww, Pumpkin looks in need of a cuddle. Thanks for visiting me and Happy WOYWW!

    Those dies you see are just the tip of the dieburg! I love yours on the wall, I tried that on a picture frame but I had trouble getting the die I wanted and then some would fall down the back of the workbench behind all the drawers and I had to move everything to find them! That chair is HUGE! I sometimes end up with something more than I bargained for too, like the worktable I have in my room now, I only wanted something small to stand things on when I got them out, and now it is the main table and covered in stuff and I don't know how I managed before!

    Cazzy x

  13. Ohhhh such cute kitties and dog. Congrats on winning my blog candy. Send me your address and I will pop it in the post on Monday. have a lovely week.
    Sandra de @108

  14. I'm sure you'll be fighting the cats for use of the thinking chair, lol.great tour of your workspace. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #45 xx

  15. That's one big chair, but it looks realy comfy =). Your workroom looks fabulous and I love the cats and the dog. My cats do that also, but there's one that always wins the spot on my keyboard =). He's the cheeckiest I guess.
    Thanx for stopping by my desk earlier and your lovely comment.
    Have a wonderful week xx Monique #97

  16. Hi April! Work was a breeze the other night, thank goodness. Tonite it is catching up with blogs and watching football. Egad, it's that time of year already. I love your whole workspace. Lots of it! And the furry friends too. I ALMOST called to adopt an 8 week old kitty at the pet store. She was so precious. Not sure how my 2 dogs would do though. And I don't miss the kitty litter box. Sooooo, we'll see. But I miss having a cat. :-( Brigita #106

  17. I love that you have a room big enough for all that crafty goodness AND a HUGE comfortable chair. If I did have room for such as that, I can tell you there wouldn't be any thinking going on ... just a lot of snoring!! Good job on the scrapping; keep it going! Happy Belated WOYWW and thank you for coming to visit me! Enjoy the rest of your week! Darnell #19

  18. now, if that chair has a view of the tv, it would mbe the perfect location for your husband so he can keep ypu company while you craft...after all, if you've been apart so long, you wanna be in each other's pockets now, huh!!! i would cheerfully slump in that beauty and never get anyhting done!!

  19. that chair does look comfy! Happy late woyww Lindsay 104

  20. Happy belated WOYWW!! Thank you for your kind comments on my Blog, Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, What a crazy Week It's been! Love your space!!!! I need a TV in mine! Also I love your Kitty's! (I miss having mine there to lay on my stuff and keep me from working!)

    -Tera #101

  21. Oh that chair looks comfy! And your creative space...well, I'm drooling over here! wow! You love critters, too. I am so glad you stopped by my blog for WOYWW (#100)! I am slow to get back to you because I have been playing on my new little art table. ;)

  22. Good grief, that isn't a chair it's a small sofa! LOL I bet is fabulous to curl up in with a nice magazine and the extra space will no doubt have cats and dog in it? You must have a huge craft room, it looks fabulous.

  23. Hi April, thank you for stopping by earlier! Oooohhh, desk envy going on over here! WOW, what a great space and your sweet kitties and Pumpkin! Great room to craft in and your new chair looks rather comfy too!
    Suzy #139


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