Sparkle and Shine Comes to a Close

Yep - this is the last day to use glitter on my projects.  For the blog theme anyway.

This Christmas box card from SVGCuts rocks!  I used Glitter Spray on the red poinsettias although it's hard to see in the picture.

Even the back of the box card is pretty: 

I went to a watercolor class at SBN Memories on Thursday.  Here is one of the cards we created:

And here is the other card we watercolored:

Check out SBN Memories for your paper crafting needs.

Tune in next week for a new theme - Wild Things.  There are lots of fun projects to share.

Thanks for stopping by the blog.  Have a great weekend and be inspired.


Isaiah 12:2  Surely God is my salvation;  I will trust and not be afraid.  The Lord, the Lord himself, is my strength and my defense;  he has become my salvation.


  1. Hi April, the Poinsettia's are so pretty and lifelike. The Glitter is the perfect touch. Love the back go the box too. The painted cards are pretty as well. They remind me of a place where I used to take card making classes.....fond memories!

    Happy crafting!
    Dee B

  2. April, sorry for the typo in previous comment but it drives mr bonkers if it's that bad and not corrected.

    It's supposed to say "love the back "OF" the box too. Not "go".... Autocorrect at its best/

    1. Not a problem. I knew exactly what you meant. And I miss that place too.

      I made the poinsettia box card with my Explore. :-)



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