Use it! - Don't Stash it!

Hi, my name is April and I'm a craft hoarder.  I believe they say acknowledgement is the first step to curing a problem.  Problem is - I don't want to be cured.  I'm a craft hoarder and I like it!

I do, however, want to use my crafty stash.  So I am sharing my adventure with my crafty hoarding friends.  If you're not a craft hoarder - it's okay - no judging here.

I created some cards using the embellishments I created with my new Anna Griffin Minc.

How gorgeous are those foil butterflies?

Here is the video sharing my experience with the Minc.

Don't be afraid!  Open those boxes full of crafty goodness!  Get crafting.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today.  Tune in tomorrow for some Summer Fun.


Proverbs 20:22  Do not say "I'll pay you back for this wrong!"  Wait for the Lord and he will avenge you.

Everyone say a prayer for the leaders of our nations that they look to a higher power for guidance and wisdom.


  1. Fab cards.

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue

  2. Thank you Sue. You have a great day too and stay cool.

  3. Just watched the video and agree...foil the world! Also, was cracking the way you show real time fun. And...I have played with my Minc and am very you. Will be using it this week for sure.
    Have a great day!
    Dee B

  4. I'll have to check out the video at work (not that I would ever do anything non-work related on company time!) since my home computer doesn't have the oomph needed for videos (oomph is a technical term). I too am a craft hoarder and was proud of it for years. Now I'm sort of sick of it. I want to use my stash! I have lots and lots and lots of kits. I love kits. I have so many unfinished kits.... embarrassing. I have been using my kits but I don't have much crafting time, so I get a card made here, one there, three on the weekend. It is such slow going. Anyway I had to make a card today for a cat swap and realized that I have been making so many kit cards or cards from left over pieces that I forgot how to make a card from complete scratch! In the end I couldn't do it and went for a digi image (almost complete scratch). So enough about me.... I love you cards and the foil butterflies. I don't know what a minc is so I'm looking forward to learning.


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