WOYWW 328 - A Total Mess!

I am still trying to recover from vacation and my desk shows it.  I will give myself props though.  This weekend I cleaned the house on Saturday and caught up on wash.  I also did some coloring.  On Sunday I finished what I started on my staycation in July - cleaned out the basement.  There are still items in the basement that I need to go through, but the progress made on Sunday was awesome!

But on to WOYWW.  I've taken a picture of my messy desk and I am going to share it on Julia's blog.  I won't be able to desk hop much until this weekend, because I have dinner plans on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Those who are faint of heart should look away:

Thank you for stopping by the blog today.  Tune in tomorrow for some more fall projects.

Have a great day and enjoy the journey.


Romans 14:11  It is written:  'As sure as I live' says the Lord, 'every knee will bow before me;  every tongue will acknowledge God.'


  1. you'll get there the cool part about these messy desks is they don't go anywhere waiting for our return... :) ( which is a good thing I would not want to attempt to find things if I had cleaning fairies coming along behind me) :) ~Stacy #48

  2. Ooh it looks great April! I love to read that you've been successful with chores, so now you can 'rest' at your desk...fair's fair! Like the paired flower heads, that's therapy too isn't it.

  3. What mess? It looks as tidy as my desk and that's tidy for me. Love the flowers you're colouring at the bottom of the picture.
    Have a great week,
    Von #8


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