WOYWW 207 - Craftermath

It is that time of the week once again where crafters from all over the world post pictures of their work spaces for nosey people (ie:  me) to view.  You can visit Julia here - The Stamping Ground  - if you are nosey, too.

My desk has been heavily used.  I've been working on some cards.  I've used my sewing machine which threads the needle - yay!  And last night I helped a friend of mine make mini flower cards on the Silhouette.

Here is a picture of my work area:

I've had an invasion of cats.  They think I need help when I'm working on projects.

I'll be checking out everyone's desks this evening and all week.  There are so many!

Have a great day and be inspired.  April


  1. Hi April
    your work station is looking lovely and tidy and I am loving your helper
    Sending hugs and hoping you have a great day
    Ria #74

  2. Ooo April your craft room is looking good with your new units, so neat but with everything to hand. Looks like your fury helpers are raring to go, but watch out for the cat hair stuck to your inked stamps, been there done that etc.
    Happy art making
    Hugs Lottie 132

  3. Sweet cats! Mine always get in the way too! LOL I am still impressed with how neat your area stays even when you are working!
    Happy WOYWW! Rhonda #120

  4. what a wonderful workspace! Love your cats! I've been trying to keep our Dewey out of the sewing room, but it seems to be his favorite viewing perch.
    All the best,
    Jackie K #147

  5. Lovely space and what gorgeous helpers! Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope you have a fun creative week. Deborah #141

  6. Your "assistants" seem to be quite helpful! They are lovely kitties!

  7. hahaha I thought your cats were statues, yep they are sticky beaks arent they, much more than us snooping desks each week, maybe they do visit our desks too, I have found some mystery cat hair on mine lol
    Bridget #11

  8. You've got plenty of helpers there. I have a parrot who helps but also chews!! How cool is a sewing machine that threads the needle for you, I can never see that hole.
    Have a great week.
    Von #66

  9. Great work space you have there!! Loving your little helpers :-)

    Ailsa #139

  10. Love your work area and now want to paint my carousel black like yours. Much more practical colour.
    Love the cats - so cute - and the dog too.
    Thanks for visiting me earlier - Hugs, neet xx 2

  11. I love your desk space, love how you have it all set up!

    Michelle #126

  12. Great space and your assistants seem quite helpful in the photography department!
    Krisha #50

  13. Sound like you’ve had a very productive week April.
    I have a furry friend in the shape of BoJangles who like to help tool…..what is it with cats and tables………but as you can tell from my picture this week there wasn’t any room on mine for him.

    Have a great week. (what’s left of it)
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @146

  14. Hi April! Thank you for visiting me! Everyone in the WOYWW community is great! I was in awe of your blog! the full page header is beautiful, and so is your work space. I love the cats on top of the table. Where did you find a sewing machine that threads the needle??? What an invention! Okay I am working with a little five year old basic Singer and I am sure if I walked into a REAL sewing machine store I would probably go nuts!!! Have a wonderful week. Robin (Rasz) #139

  15. It's always a joy to stop by your awesome work area, April! Although this week you seem to be competing with a critter for desk real estate!! Thanks for dropping by the Playhouse earlier! Enjoy the rest of your week!! Darnell #64

  16. I love your set up, everything seems to accessible!

  17. The cat in the first picture doesn't look very happy with you, maybe you aren't taking his suggestions on the crafting projects? After all they come over to help! lol OK, I am asking my WOYWW folks to rally behind me and I truly need your support. I am in a contest and the voting ends today so it's now or never. PLEASE go vote for me ( the camera )....yes, I am begging, lol http://www.genuinelyjanestudios.com/genuinelyblog/gjs-design-a-book-contest-top-three-finalists-announced/
    waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥ ( #19 )

  18. what a lovely crafty space! and of course the kitties need to help you - they HAVE to sit exactly on your current project - thems the rules :)
    sorry it's taken so long to reply - the days have just evaporated!
    happy belated WOYWW x

  19. Lovely crafty space! makes me want to get in there and play! Cats are just SO helpful with crafting - mine used to love to jump straight up onto the middle of the table when all my crafty mates were busy (and ignoring him!) - and he learned to climb a ladder so he could sit with me in my last workroom which was in the loft ... not so good at getting down though! :o)


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