WOYWW 220 -- That Would Be Molly

It is once again Wednesday - they come so quickly.  That means that there's a party goin on over at 
The Stamping Ground  where a whole lot of talented people share their work spaces so we can ooohhh and aaaahhhh.

This week I've been a tidy one.  However, I've also been shopping.

 And what is on my work desk besides bags of goodies?  Molly - she thinks she owns the place.
 And who is in the thinking chair?  Peanut who also thinks she owns the place.  And a cute bunny that I rescued from a trip to the Goodwill.  Long story short - my husband (who is still back in town) is on a clean it out kick.  He won this playing some game somewhere and he won it for me.  He was going to send it off to find a new home.  I am very sentimental and said no.  It was a fight, but I won.  Or should I say Peanut won - she now has a thinking chair buddy.
I am off to work, but when I get home - I will be surfing.  :-)

Have a great day and be inspired.



  1. Hope there is lots of goodies in that bag and the cat is so cute.

    Sharon #115

  2. Molly is lucky not to be sitting on wet paint!!!! She is so cute and Peanut snuggling up. I think he is saying 'Bunnies just dont' know when to blend in!!!!' ;-) Hope work wasn't too stressful. Happy WOYWW from Helen 71 x

  3. That's one large rabbit you have there and I'm not surprised you want to keep it.

    Happy WOYWW. Susi #66

  4. Aw, you're not showing your purchases? lol Such torture! Hope you're having a good day and a happy WOYWW with some time to play with your new goodies. ~ Laura #116

  5. oh no you can't do that to us tell us you have been shopping and then not let us see the goods shame on you
    Have a really great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Hugs Ria #85

  6. I love your helpers on your work desk and chair! I'd love to know what goodies are in the bag!!

    Heather #107

  7. Love your furry helpers in your room! Looks like Molly and Peanut are very happy and at home there. Love that the pink bear gets to stay and keep you company too. (I would have kept it too, if my hubby won it for me...) Enjoy the week! Winnie#89

  8. oh totally understand why you would be sentimental ;o) Love the great clean space and curious to see what is in the ba ;o) Have fun playing with it!



  9. Nooooooooooo thank goodness you didn't get rid of Peanut he is lovely and I keep all my sentimental bears. Molly is so beautiful, I'm afraid I'm allergic to cats but do find them fascinating. Hope there's lots of yummy craft goodies in your bag to play with. Happy Woyww :-) Kezzy xxx

  10. Molly is adorable! Glad Peanut has a friend to snuggle with. :)

  11. Cool workspace! Love all the animals, real and not. Thanks for looking at Chester on my table -- PS - do you have a "tour" of your room on your blog? I'd love to see it!

  12. nice to see the thinking chair still in situ, great shop had then? yes, the rehomed bunny looks right at home there.

    Lynda #94

  13. April, I just want to come and play, your desk looks so interesting, my cats get no where near my craft goodies, LOL...Jet, the poodle on the other hand is allowed as he does not shed hair onto sticky stuff. Avril #56

  14. Hi April - I am sentimental that way - I can point to many things in my house and remember who gave it to me on what occasion - its what makes my place comfy!! Thanks for popping by earlier - I am playing catch up - Happy WOYWW - Mxx #138

  15. Oh, goodie, shopping! It looks like new paper has come to live in your craft room, April, along with a rescued bunny! I must say it is a rather large and very pink bunny and I'm amazed the cats aren't a bit intimidated by it. That prolly made all the cat people laugh because NOTHING intimidates cats, right? I don't have any, but I'm guessing that's the case.

    Happy Belated WOYWW! Thank you for your visit to me and for your sweet get well wishes! It has been more sore than I thought it would be, so I'm being lazy, taking it easy, and doing no reorg after all! Oh, well, it's not going anywhere. Enjoy the rest of your week! Hugs, Darnell #16


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