In Deepest Sympathy

One of the cards I seem to be in need of the most and hate to send the most are sympathy cards.  I hate it when someone dies.  I believe in God and heaven so I don't hate it so much for the person who has passed because I think they have gone on to better place where there are no tears or pain.  I hate it for the people that are left behind who will miss that person who has passed.  It makes me sad to see someone else who is sad.

I moved around when I was a kid.  I did not live in one place for over 2 years until I was 16 years old.  Because of this I don't have 'childhood' friends that I've known since I was in kindergarten.  I didn't get to see my Grandparents or other family very often.  Once a year at best.  I say this to say that I have never lost anyone close to me.  For years my Mom and Dad and brother were my close knit friends and family.  I made friends where I lived, but once I left - we didn't stay in touch.  I think this causes me to deal with death a little differently.  I've not been 'exposed' to the visitation and funeral scene like my husband and his parents.  I like to remember people the way they were, not lying in the casket.  As I get older, I've gotten better.  There was a time that I did not go to a visitation or a funeral.  But as I've gotten older I've realized the visitation is not for the person who has moved on to a higher plane, but it is for those who have lost the loved one.  But it still makes me sad.

Unfortunately, the first of this year has brought 3 deaths (you know they come in 3's).  The son of a co-worker, a former co-worker who just retired in November and a former neighbor who had lived a good long life.  I don't like to go to visitations or funerals, but I do like for those who've lost their loved ones to know that I am thinking about them and am sad about their loss.  So that means that I make sympathy cards.

And sympathy cards are extra hard because you want them to embody the emotion that you are feeling.  You want them to make someone feel better because they know someone cares.  You want them to represent that you appreciated the life of the person who has passed on.  A sympathy card should be beautiful as is the memory of the loved one and comforting to the person who has been left to grieve.  That's a lot of pressure for some paper and ink.

I am being very wordy today.  Let me get to the picture portion of this post.  Here are the sympathy cards that I made:

The stamp is by Avery Elle.  The paper pack is by Little Yellow Bicycle.  It's the one with the poppies in it.  Love that paper pack.  The poppy embossing folder is by Stampin Up.

The sentiment is a stamp by Avery Elle.  The paper pack is by MME.  The embossing folder is from Stampin Up.

I found initial idea here.  Of course my version is a little different and I did some sewing.

I hope these cards bring the recipients a little relief from their sorrow for just a moment.

Have a great day and be inspired.

Revelation 14:13  Blessed are those who die in the Lord for they rest from their labors.


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