Box Cards Theme Continued....

On Monday we saw a box card that was purchased from SVG Cuts.  Today we are going to see a box card that was purchased from the Silhouette Store and cut out on a Silhouette machine.

There are many different box cards to choose from.  This just happens to be the one I picked.

I just love box cards.  So much dimension and it fits in an a2 envelope.

Now for my comparison between the box cards from SVG Cuts and the ones from Lori Whitlock at the Silhouette store.

SVG Cuts
I LOVE the variety of cards available at SVG Cuts.  They are so pretty and that is probably the reason for what I don't like about the box cards from SVG Cuts which is the size.  They do not fit in a standard a2 envelope when not altered from their original size.  To their defense the cards do come with envelopes to cut.  And when I say I don't like that it is because I do mail my cards and I know with a box card that fits in an a2 envelope - I can use a Forever postage stamp to mail it.  I am pretty sure a Forever postage stamp will not work with the cards from SVG Cuts.  But if that is not true - I will let you know.  The only other thing I don't like is that the inside pieces don't go fit the length of the box.  They are just like tabs that go from the top of the inside of the box down about 3/4 of an inch.  The full piece inside makes the box more sturdy.  I think I can modify it so it will cut out the inserts the full size of the box by welding a rectangle to the inserts cut.

Silhouette Store Box Cards by Lori Whitlock
The box cards in the Silhouette store come in a great variety as well.  However, you won't find one in the shape of piano.  They are all shaped the same shape for the most part, but there are a variety of styles that come on the standard size box.  For instance, there is a get well box, a gardening box, a birthday box, a wedding box, etc.  I like that the cards fit in an a2 envelope.  This makes sending them in the mail easy with a Forever stamp.  I also like the fact that the inserts are the full length of the box which makes the box more sturdy.

Would I pick one over the other - definitely not.  Both have their benefits and I will definitely be using both.  :-)

Have you tried making box cards?  You don't have to have an electric cutting machine - you can cut them out with dies, too.     Or just trace one.  Do you like different shaped cards or do you stick to traditional shaped cards?

Thank you for stopping by.  Have a great day and be inspired.

Romans 8:37  No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.


  1. Those box cards do look like fun. I've never seen them before. I'd like to see how it looks when it lays flat. I'm wondering if it might be too thick for one stamp and the PO might require an additional 21 cents due to that. Thanks! From Laura Pervier


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